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Why is Turkey the best choice for medical tourism

Why is Turkey the best choice for medical tourism ?

Characterized by tourism treatment in Turkey as the best globally, but after the success of Turkey in the fight against the virus Corona, than expected to put those tourism Turkey in the ranks of countries world advanced medical, especially with the opening of many of the hospitals in time record .

Saw Turkey successes several during the fight against the virus Corona emerging, particularly excel in the field of medical , which placed in the ranks of countries advanced medical .

And opened up those successes that achieved by Turkey in the field of anti – epidemic Corona, the road to the increasing demand on tourism treatment in the country, to return the last to her constituency active, after that instructed the Ministry of Health to ease restrictions for them, and receive patients from the countries of the world all .

Issued the Ministry of Health of Turkey a circular lift whereby restrictions for the reception of patients coming from 31 countries, were Turkey imposed restrictions on travel to it, to be able to all patients come to receive care and health .

And occupies tourism treatment in Turkey ‘s position to attract high around the world, as visiting millions of tourists the country annually, to receive services curative and hospital, from natural Kalenaabie, centers of health specialized and equipped with the latest devices .

The tourism therapeutic one of several products tourist famous by Turkey, to the side of tourism , leisure, and tourism adventures, tourism , religious, and tourism , cultural, and tourism conferences, and is considered one of the most important pillars of the economy of the Turkish, and a source of major income national, which adopted a large on its prosperity and generated of currency cash hard.

Spread tourism treatment in Turkey in the years past are widely , and has become a lot of governments , hospitals and companies are interested in this concept is new , which has become part of a key of imports Turkey and many of the countries have reached tourism treatment in Turkey ranks advanced globally in respect of health and therapeutic, following the attention of this sector , which works in which some two million Turkish , and has evolved into an end – sufficiency and self, produces all supplies of health, from organs , vaccines and medicines, and they emerge in the areas of transport members, and the cultivation of marrow bones, and processes surgical – related disease , cancer . And earned Turkey bet on the levels of quality and price competitor , according to specialists who unanimously agreed on that officials in Turkey are counting on increasing revenues sector tourism treatment in the general current , especially those who intend to Turkey to receive surgery cosmetic, starting from the cultivation of hair, down to correct the distortions of congenital .

In this regard, said the Director of the extension of cultural and media Turkey, Mr. Saleh Ozer : has become Turkey now a poles of tourism treatment globally, as it occupies the center third after US United Korea South in this area, and the evidence on it that tourism medical in our cities has risen in continuous in For the past 10 years, we have invested heavily in the development of the healthcare sector , and now provide high quality treatments at very reasonable prices

I have received the cities of Turkey such as Istanbul and Ankara and Antalya , Izmir and Yalova and Adana , the largest number of visitors for the purpose of tourism and medical, especially from the countries of the Council of Cooperation of the Gulf, and in addition to tourists from Germany , Russia , Azerbaijan and Iraq

And it succeeded Turkey in the construction of hospitals permanent period short too, at a time held in which hospitals , temporary field or pre – made states other, which is the limit of the speed of the spread of the virus Corona .

Why is Turkey the preferred choice for medical tourism ?

The location geographical and strategic Turkey, and the quality of services registered, climate, and the presence of 1.5 billion people on three continents are different, and a space flight flight duration of 4 hours, strengthens the position of Turkey in the tourism treatment in the world .

Top 6 Reasons :

  • Services with quality global
  • Very competitive rates
  • Various and customized services
  • Number of accredited health institutions
  • Short waiting time
  • Heritage cultural rich


These specifications have a role is important in the formation of the reasons for tourists who visit the country is temporary, as well as for people who want to spend the rest of their lives in a country another after retirement .

Choose patients Turkey in place first because of the ratio of quality to price . Considered the cost of treatment of medical operations surgical in Turkey more convenient than many of the countries of the European and other of the countries of Western developed . The For example, an address of vaccination artificial in the US United about 15,000 to 16,000 dollars, while in Turkey , amounting to 2600 dollars; Ranging operations of medical such as the Palace considering laser, and the Palace of view, and astigmatism between 4,000 and 8,000 euros in the countries of the European, while in Turkey , amounting to about 600 euros; In while the surgery heart open of 25,000 euros on average in the countries of the European, the level of prices that reach about 10,000 dollars in Turkey .


Because of high prices in Europe and the other from the countries of developed Western in the services of health, preferably retirees who are suffering from problems of health Turkey to continue their lives . This situation leads to international retirement migration .

The diversity of health services in Turkey continues to make it a center of interest and attraction for foreigners and international retirees .

Each of wants to spend his retirement in Turkey and foreigners who want to get the care and health prefer the mostly Istanbul, where he develops services , health, and Antalya, which provide opportunities for tourism .

Of course, compared to European countries that make Turkey more attractive for medical tourism and international retirement , it is not the only reason behind low wages . Turkey offers world class treatment at very competitive prices .

For tourism therapeutic, it must be to be institutions accredited by by the International Joint (JCI). There are about 45 accredited health institutions / hospitals in Turkey and they are ranked second in the world . Most of these accredited organizations are in Istanbul . Istanbul is the center first in Turkey in each of the hospitals accredited and diversity of the services of health.

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