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What is Shock

Shock, is the insufficient blood supply to the vital organs of the human body . It is a very sudden decrease in the amount of blood in the body .

What are the Symptoms

  • Low blood pressure
  • Fast and weak heart rate,
  • Fast and high breathing,
  • Cold skin,
  • Pale and moist,
  • Anxiety and restlessness,
  • Dizziness
  • Pale or purple lips,
  • A feeling of thirst and a decrease in the level of consciousness are observed.

What are the Types ?

Cardiogenic Shock It is a shock condition that develops due to cardiac reasons. 

 Hypovolemic Shock It is a shock condition that develops due to fluid loss. 

Toxic Shock It is a shock condition caused by poisonous substances that have entered the body. 

Anaphylactic Shock It is a shock condition that develops due to allergy conditions. 

 First Aid in Shock Situations

  • First, be sure of the safety of both the victim and the victim.
  • Put the casualty on his back . K check my findings with the parent or shock.
  • The casualty is checked for visible bleeding, pale skin, coldness and rapid pulse.
  • The injured person is given a shock position.
  • Support is placed under the feet of the injured person and lifted up to 30 cm.
  • The wounded is covered with a blanket, if there is a tourniquet and the bandage is visible.
  • An ambulance is called immediately.
  • Until medical help arrives, the casualty is kept in the shock position.
  • Vital signs of the casualty are checked every 2 to 3 minutes.


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