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Wellness is considered a first and foremost choice in taking responsibility for your quality of life. A healthy lifestyle begins with making conscious desires and decisions. Wellness is a tendency or temperament, a desire and aptitude to adopt a series of important principles in different living spaces that bring well-being and satisfaction to a high level.

As a result of this focus, which is a wellness temperament, it controls your desire to forgive others, to avoid responsibility, to shout against difficulties.

Wellness is an alternative choice for self-sufficiency, ordinary and compassion, addiction to doctors and medications in situations of distress and laziness.

  • Wellness is a choice, a decision you make to move towards optimal health. Wellness is an active process of awareness and making the right choices for a healthy life.
  • Wellness is a way of life, a way of life designed to achieve your highest potential for well-being.
  • Wellness is a process, not just not being sick. It is a developing awareness that has no endpoint, but health and happiness are likely to be here and now at any moment. Wellness is a dynamic process for change and growth.
  • Wellness is the integration of the body, the brain and the soul, the increase in value in everything you do; thinking, feeling and belief have an impact on your health.
  • Wellness is about accepting and embracing yourself.

As mentioned above, wellness is the integration of the body, brain, and spirit. Optimal wellness prepares us to find the purpose and meaning of life. Wellness evaluates the six or seven dimensions (Component) of well-being as a whole in the quality way of life. In general, wellness is defined as the ability to live life in different areas to maximize full, meaningful and personal potentials. Wellness includes continuing education and offers changes to improve your wellness. When we balance the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, professional, spiritual, and environmental situations in the life process, we get the meaning of true wellness. To understand wellness, we need to look at different dimensions.

WELLNESS DIMENSIONS (Wellness Components)

Wellness requires the harmony of the following areas for the well-being of the individual

Wellness has dimensions or components that are related to each other, such as physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual/spiritual, social, environmental and occupational wellness. Each dimension is equally important in achieving optimal health. Below are seven dimensions of wellness.

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

A healthy body is protected by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making health-related information and responsibility decisions, and seeking medical support when needed. Staying in good condition, maintaining your physical health, eating well, exercising, keeping your ideal weight, getting enough sleep, avoiding risky sexual behavior and limiting the intake of harmful substances is a requirement and steps needed for physical wellness.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual well-being encompasses broad awareness and continuous education in the world around you. Learning something new, such as learning an exercise or a new prescription, can also be an intellectual incentive. Discussing new ideas with people from different cultures and your experiences will help us move forward in every aspect of life. This phase of Wellness emphasizes that you can do what you have learned, create opportunities to learn more, and condition your mind in live communication with the world around you.


Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness can be defined as the acceptance and awareness of a wide range of feelings in one’s own and others. The ability to understand your own personal feelings is to accept your limitations, overcome emotional stability and become more comfortable with your emotions. Emotional well-being is responsible for your personal behavior and responds to challenges similar to opportunities and surprises. A person who is emotionally good is aware of himself/herself and accepts himself/herself as he/she continues to develop individually. Emotional wellness is the interdependence of the senses based on mutual promise, trust, honesty, and respect.

Social Wellness

The ability to establish good relationships with others within and outside the family. Social wellness gives us peace and trust to be sympathetic to others, friendly and friendly. It involves not only individual attention but also human and environmental interest as a whole. It involves promoting a healthy environment, promoting effective communication, and mutual respect among community members and developing positive tight relationships with others. For others, it means the presence of one person and to give others the opportunity to look after you. It also gives reasons for free time and recreation and provides time for these activities.

Spiritual / Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual / Spiritual Wellness

Life is meaningful and purposeful; It is ethics, values ​​, and honesty that guide, give meaning and guide us for life. Spiritual/spiritual/ spiritual wellness is a search for meaning and purpose in the human being that guides you to strive to create a harmonious environment with yourself and others while working to balance the needs of the inner world together with the life of the world. Spiritual wellness encourages the lifelong development of personal relationships with a higher power that exists in the universe. Inner peace is also important in the form of changes in life, opportunities, and behavior with the present. Spiritual wellness is an assessment of personal beliefs. One has the freedom to worship everywhere.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness

The ability to live in a clean and safe environment that is not harmful to health. To enjoy environmental wellness, we need clean air, clean water, quality food, convenient shelter, satisfactory work conditions, personal safety, and healthy relationships.

There are various methods and ways to achieve a wellness lifestyle. Some examples of these routes are given below.

Professional Wellness

Healthy working performance in business life, pleasure, happiness and the ability to carry together success. The individual focuses on maintaining this balance not only for himself but also with other individuals in the work environment and continuously getting better. Various activities and activities are planned to keep the dynamics of the necessary components in the business environment strong.

Wellness activities and applications

  • Natural life and philosophy
  • Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy
  • Hammam applications
  • Natural nutrition, diet, and weight control
  • Massage, natural and traditional treatments
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Easy Exercise and physical activities
  • Recreational sports and activities
  • Tai Chi, Qi gong, yoga and meditation
  • Worship and pray
  • Folk dance, social and cultural activities
  • Highland and village culture / life
  • Yaşam Eco life

Where can we find wellness activities?

  • Recreational parks and centers
  • Resort / hotels and resorts
  • Wellness and fitness centers
  • Spas and beauty centers
  • Rehabilitation and therapy centers
  • Natural and healthy living farms
  • Thermal and spa centers
  • Turkish Bath
  • Traditional markets, festivals and exhibition / exhibition centers


Consequently, we must know that health or wellness is a combination of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual well-being. Wellness has a wide range of activities that we cannot find in just one center. Some wellness centers try to give some wellness practices or activities, although not within the concept of integrity. However, it should be kept in mind that wellness is not only about physical practices, but also spiritual / spiritual practices are important especially for holistic understanding. This understanding reveals the fact that wellness is a way of life and that the concepts that make up this way of life are harmony of integrity in harmony. In addition, it is clear that there is no limit or limitation for the activities constituting the integrity of wellness and that it does not have a small and narrow perspective to call a wellness center with limited activity opportunities. In this way, perhaps you will need a guide, a trainer, a therapist, a trainer or a trainer.


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We provide our patients with the information and useful medical advice they need for treatment, and to make decisions in conducting the necessary operations, Whether it is surgery or non-surgical. our certified doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients.. Read More

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