TIMTIM Staff asked 6 months ago

For a year I have a complaint of frown brow and forehead lines and slight cheek drop. I’m looking for a non-surgical solution. Is the face pad suitable? Why should I prefer facial fillings for my wrinkles?

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TIMTIM Staff answered 6 months ago

Yes, of course, it is. Necessary examinations can be made and the operation process can be decided. A more youthful appearance is provided in a short time after the face filling. Filling aesthetics of the face is removed from the tired expression on the face. Over the years, wrinkles and sagging occur due to the reduction of elastic fibre, collagen fibre, fat layer and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Especially eye, mouth, chin, neck, nose, forehead wrinkles and sags occur. Facial filler can be used successfully to remove sagging and wrinkles on the lower parts of the face. Filling injection is applied to the lip area to provide a fuller and younger appearance to the lip. It can also be used to remove deep scars and acne scars on the skin.