TIMTIM Staff asked 11 months ago

Where are the filling applications performed?

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TIMTIM Staff answered 11 months ago

The face is most commonly made on nose-lip lines, vertical lines between eyebrows, sadness lines (Marionette) that go down from the corners of the lips and tear gutters in custody. With deep fillings, cheekbones and jaw tip can be identified. Fine fillings are given to goose’s feet at the edges of the eyes and the vertical cigarette lines on the lips. Pure hyaluronic acid with moisturizing properties can be applied to all face, lip edges, neck, décolleté and hands. Such treatments are often performed in early summer and help keep skin moist throughout the summer. In hand rejuvenation procedures, soft tissue loss in the hands is eliminated with deep fillings, and the quality of the skin on the hand back is improved with the applications of moisturizing hyaluronic acid.