TIMTIM Staff asked 11 months ago

How are the ropes used in rope facelift treatment?

1 Answers
TIMTIM Staff answered 11 months ago

The ropes used in rope facial hanging treatment are produced as surgical rope type and designed for D lift treatment. These ropes, which will serve as stretching under the skin at different points; Straight, stringy, conical and nail varieties are available. We decide which rope to use during the pre-procedure examination. The degree of problems in the skin as a result of the examination determines the degree of stretching. Also, each type of rope serves as stretching at different degrees and different face points. For example; As the tapered ropes can be suitable for the hanging process on the mid-face and nose line. According to these features, sometimes all types of rope can be applied to the required areas, sometimes it can be used in single type D Lifting operations.