Lips Enlargement

Lip injections or lip augmentation

Having plumpy and attractive lips is a privilege every single woman wants to posses. Our lips are the essential element of attractiveness, fertility, femininity but above all- beauty. The most important element to complete our facial beauty being the plump lips, plastic surgery operations are applied to easily achieve this goal. Operation Methods

When taking into account the process?

• As long as the lips and Nhilleten Takhtvian when smile.
• Nhva lips became more and less filling your progress with age.
• You feel ashamed of the appearance of your lips.
• It will help you have a rouge Mmtlitin on poise and appearance of your face. Related to this process procedures
Think of many people who are considering to undergo the process of improving the lips undergo operations fillings, injection face eternal and make-up.



• Some lip injections temporary and can be adjusted according to your desire.
• The surgical improvements and give the injection solution eternally.
• The period of recovery from the injections are limited to one day, and a week at most for most lip surgeries.


• Temporary fillings require injections every few months.
• The lack of consistency of the lips is possible.
• Remove fillings is difficult.

This three of the best advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when thinking about improving the lips. If you want to think about what sets you apart, then please Discuss this with your plastic surgeon
Are you a good candidate to undergo surgery to improve the lips?

Here are some famous reasons for your thinking to undergo surgery to improve the lips:
Candidates want the good of the process of improving the inflatable lips thin lips or get a more balanced appearance. If the upper lip or both lips Takhtvian when your smile may benefit from the process of lip augmentation.

Some technologies improve the lips asymmetric, and improve the shape of your mouth and the appearance of your lips when you smile.
On the other hand, if the lips are big and very Yagmuran your face, talk to your surgeon about the cosmetic Decrease lips process.
If your health is good, and you have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are often a good candidate to undergo this surgery.
It can be thin or weak identification, genetic or lips due to aging.
After the improvement of the lips, your lips will be more full and would have a better setting.
Detailed information about procedures

Lips Enlargement

Lips aesthetic surgery methods can be examined under three categories:

1. Lip Injections: Injections may contain filler materials or individual’s own fat tissue samples. The main goal of fillers is to let the lips gain volume without damaging its natural look.

2. Lip Operations: Two main techniques are used. The first consists of making an incision inside the mouth plumping the inside massy area making it more visible. The second techniques is about moving the flame work of the upper lip upwards. The second method is applied to individuals with thin lips and those with a large distance between the upper lip and nose. There are no visible scars left after the interventions.

3. Shaping of the smile operations (Mona Lisa; Canine operations): Smile is the most valuable signature of people. It is a sign for sincerity, confidence and joy. For a brilliant smile teeth and lips must be at a proper position. In the Canine intervention the upper lip is pulled up letting the gums appear. Even if it is considered as charming for some people it is not general preference. Mona Lisa smile design is achieved by the extension of lips edges with a botox application, giving a more sincere and calm look. In cases there are situations where gums appear more visibly in some patients a consultation with a dentist in a team work guarantees the best solution.

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