Varicose Laser Treatment

What is Varicosis?

The veins that carry the blood back to heart are called vena. The duty of vena is carrying the blood to the heart to clean it. However artery carries the clean blood to cells to use again. Contrary to artery, vena has sensitive valves in it. These valves make the blood in the veins flow to the heart despite gravity. As a result if human stands, vena carries the blood to up, to heart. Pregnancy, being fat or genetic reasons cause jam in vena, this jam or long term pressure makes valves corrupted and blood will accumulate reversely. This blood deposit can seen from outside in blue, purple or red color. As a result of deterioration of the internal structures of the superficial veins stretching twist, become enlarged are called VARICOSIS.

Is Varicosis Common?

Varicosis can be seen in 15-20% of adults. Women have this illness 2-4 times more than men. Family predisposition rate is more than 50%. 55% of women which are in 20-70 age range complain about varicosis.

What are the reasons of varicosis?

The most important factor of vasodilatation in leg is family predisposition. It occurs frequently in women due to hormonal factors. Common reasons are adolescence, usage of contraceptive pill, pregnancy or hormone replacement treatments, tight cloths.The main cause of vasodilatation that occurs in face is sunlight. Also long-term usage of cortisone creams, rozase illness, usage of alcohol, some skin illnesses (lupus, scleroderma vb.) can increase capillary vessel.

Varicosis and Capillary Vessel Treatment with Laser

Laser is a special device to destroy unwanted veins in skin. Thus you can get rid of varicosis and capillary vessel easily.

What is the Varicosis Treatment with Laser?

Varicosis Treatment with Laser is a nonsurgically method that destroy unwanted veins in a short time. Laser treatment is easy, fast and can be applied in a lunch break. After treatment there will be no damage in your skin. Laser treatment is approved by FDA for dermatologic usage.

Varicose Laser Treatment

Does the Treatment Cause Pain?

Laser treatment can be applied to every part of face and leg easily. The feel of pain is rarely. Sometimes for sensitive skins local anesthesia can be applied as a cream. Make up can be done after treatment. Treatment is suitable for women and men.

How long treatments take?

Laser treatments are fast and easy. Many patients can be treated in lunch time. Treatments take 15-30 minutes approximately. There is no significant side effect. After treatment patients can continue their daily life easily.

What are the side effects of treatment?

After operation there may be contemporary oedema and blush. It disappears in short time. These side effects are not permanent. This is one of the biggest advantages of using needle.

How Many Sessions Does It Take and When Treatment Gives Result?

For varicosis patients it depends on extensity and degree of varicosis. For slim veins result appears soon commonly. But for bigger veins result will appear after 1 month.

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