Skin Care

Skin Care and Treatment

Skin care is very important from the point of health and esthetics. Stress, cigarette, make-up, UV beams, malnutrition, air conditions make our skin to seen as tired and pale. Our skin’s liveliness, shininess, freshness and healthy appearance are required monthly skin care for pureness, care and protection from 20’s for everybody. Monthly skin care is very important. Because for healthy and beauty appearance of normal skin, the dead skin has to be removed. Human skin renew themselves approximately in every 28 days and if monthly skin care do applied the fresh skin which is coming from under gets a healthier appearance.

Skin Care Types

kin cares which is done in our center are imported from Spain, focused on treatment, suitable for doctor usage, in a guarantee of medical center and done by experienced aestheticians.

• Classic Skin Care

This care is personal and it starts with skin cleaning and then continues with tonic application, peeling, steam operation, blackhead cleaning, mask, eye contour care and face serum application and finishes with sun protection.

• Antiaging Treatment

This care which is applied in two types such as 30 ages and 35 ages over has two stages which are stingless Botox and deep wrinkle opening.

Skin Care

• Collagen Care

It is a skin care type which is done for raise the elasticity of the skin and according to person’s skin analysis result it is applied in the direction of requirement. It is a skin care type which is done for raise the elasticity of the skin and according to person’s skin analysis result it is applied in the direction of requirement.

• Gold Care

In this care 24 carat pure gold is used and all gold is applied to skin. It has anti-aging and stain removal effects. Stain Treatment:It is the skin type which is applied to remove skin stains. Acne Treatment:After determining the type of acne, acne treatment will be applied according to skin type.

• Chemical Peeling

It is the peeling process which is done with fruit acids; it cleans the skin deeply and helps to remove stains.

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I contacted your company form y Fue hair transplatation surgery. Turkey Istanbul medical company looked after me very well.They were together with me from the beginning till the end of my hair surgery in Turkey. I highly advice your company to anyone who needs medical treatment.I would like to say special thank to Mr.Olgay..

Mohammed Harrawi

We did botox surgery under your assistance service,My wife is very happy now.Operation become very succesfull elhamdülillah.Thank you

Saud al-Khalif

When i decided for medical treatment in turkey, i was seraching on internet which doctor or which clinic was the best and acceptable prices, i saw so many advertisement, i become confused which one to choose,but after i found for your heplful information i went with your advices and consultancy service.You chose for me the best clinic with competetive prices. Clinic and doctors were really 5 star hotel standart. I m very happy to be with you I hope your success will run forever

Nasser Alderazi

Thank you for your kind polite treatment with us during my laser hair transplantation in Turkey.

Ebrahim Saeed

I contacted for teeth implant in turkey and your advices about hospital were very trustful.And i found half price for implant surgery with your hospital comparsion to my country.. My Best Regards to all team special thanks to Mr Ulcay

Fahd Al-Jasser

When i contacted you from the first time , i felt that i m in the right trustful hands with your assistance.What can i say more ?Your advice ,your treatments ,your organisations from A to Z were supper.. Thank you so much and my greetings to Mr Ulcay

Nizar Rwaili

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