Laser Epilation

Laser Epilation

Laser epilation works with the principle of selective fototermolisis. In laser epilation the damage is done to hair root by the energy that concentrated in hair root with sending a concentrate light over colorful hairs and thus hair is destroyed for long term. In laser epilation the permanent results can obtain in proper hairs.

After Laser Epilation Application How the Skin would be?

There will be a burning feeling like sun tan and blush that will be fading in a couple of hours after laser epilation.

How many sessions do Laser Epilation Process Takes?

It depends on factors such as hair color, hair thickness, hair area, skin color. Thick, dark colored hair and open color skinned persons have fewer sessions than thin, open colored hair and dark color skinned persons. 4-6 sessions are enough for thick dark colored hairs.​

Can Laser Epilation Be Applied To Every Skin And Hair?

Laser epilation application can be done with different application method and different laser technical settings depending on skin color and hair type.

After analyze the hair type and skin type carefully, better result can be obtained from application. Generally people think that laser application does not required specialty. But laser epilation is an application that requires specialty and experience.

In Laser epilation laser light that send to skin try to move on with tripping lots of factor, only with proper throwing technical and timing can obtain good results.

Laser Epilation

Does Laser Epilation Cause to Cancer?

To this date there is no case such this

What Are The Cautions That Should Be Taken Before And After Laser Epilation?

Patients that used wax, string or nipper to take out hairs should wait without do anything for 15 days at least before Laser epilation. Make up should not be applied to Laser epilation application area, if there are areas that applied deodorant or antiperspirant, it should be cleaned.

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