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What is Dehydration? Dehydration can be defined simply as fluid loss. You should take fluid regularly to prevent fluid loss from your body. If the body cannot take as much liquid as it spends, the dehydration process begins. As dehydration increases, sweating and urination decrease, tissues dry and organs are damaged at the end of the process. If you do not pay attention to dehydration, you may experience discomfort that can reach kidney failure.


How Dehydration occurs?

Dehydration; Intense exercise, high altitude, or intestinal disturbances caused by factors such as fluid loss disorder. The risk of dehydration increases as fluid and electrolyte loss increases especially in intestinal disorders. However, dehydration also occurs when carbohydrates and fats burned during exercise increase body temperature. During exercise, the brain may suppress the feeling of thirst. Therefore, during exercise, you should plan your fluid intake according to your needs, not just your needs.

Dehydration in the Aircraft

Dehydration is not something that develops in a short time, but occurs when you do not take care of the body’s fluid balance. The risk of dehydration is higher in people living at high altitudes. The body consumes more fluids and loses more fluids than people living at low altitudes, as the reduced oxygen level at high altitudes and naturally travels increases the number of breaths and heart beats. This means you need to pay more attention to fluid intake on long-term flights and high altitude locations.

What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

The main symptoms of this condition are as follows:

Increased body temperature

Examples of skin dryness such as cracking of lips


Drowsiness and sleepiness

The feeling of thirst that does not diminish even though you drink too much water


Dark urine

Drying in the mouth

How to Prevent Dehydration?

You can avoid this discomfort if you drink plenty of water against fluid losses. According to the doctor’s advice, an adult should consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day. In this way you can monitor the balance of the amount of liquid. In addition, cold fluids are excreted more from the body. So you can reduce the risk by consuming liquids at room temperature.

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What is the difference between dehydration and dehydration?

Both have the same meaning: Loss of fluid in the body. According to the language of medicine, dehydration use is wrong, dehydration should be used.



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