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Causes of Sexual Reluctance in Men and Women

Causes of Sexual Reluctance in Men

There are many men whose desire for sexual intercourse is diminished. This condition is seen not only in middle-aged men but also in young people.

In recent years, more and more men have applied to our clinic with the complaint of sexual anorexia.

Looking at the age, it can be thought that this problem is more common in middle age and later men. However, the younger generation also suffers from severe libido loss.

It is actually an urban legend that men always have intense sexual desire. Men do not always and constantly experience sexual desire. Every man may experience a periodic loss of appetite. However, if the problem persists, it means that the alarm is ringing. Again, another urban myth in sexual aversion is that the problem is psychological. Especially if he is a young man, it is thought that there is a loss of libido due to stress or another psychological reason. However, the hormone can decrease in young men today, just like in middle age and after. Some diseases, medications and an unhealthy lifestyle, which we see most often, can cause hormone deficiency in young people. So it’s a good idea to understand the organic dimension of the problem.

The only reason is not hormones!

Sexual desire is not just dependent on hormones. Your emotional state, tiredness level, the quality of your relationship with your partner, stressful-angry mood, lack of time, not being able to spare enough time with your partner, work-family problems and many other factors can reduce sexual desire. For this reason, we need to carefully examine the underlying causes of sexual anorexia and create a special treatment plan for the couple in the program that I have created in our clinic.

Here are the main wish enemies

  • Hormone deficiency
  • Medications (eg anti-depressants)
  • Cardiovascular diseases and heart failure
  • Other diseases (diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney-liver problems, pain)
  • Surgeries
  • Wrong lifestyle (excessive alcohol-smoking etc.)
  • An angry, anxious, or depressed mood

Reluctance is one of the most common complaints among sexual problems. Since sexual desire is affected by both biological and motivational, psychological and emotional factors, the main reason or causes of sexual reluctance is also important.

Some hormones, health problems, medications and psychological problems such as depression can also cause reluctance. The desire may decrease due to reasons such as erection problem, other sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, sexual problems of the other party, relationship problems, performance anxiety. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the psychological reasons that may decrease libido while examining the biological reasons, especially hormonal examinations.

Levels of androgen hormones can now be determined with a simple blood test. With our treatments, sexual desire and sexual arousal increase, the quality of erection increases, the frequency of sexual intercourse increases, night hardening complaints decrease, and benefits such as improvement in body composition and bone mass, muscle strength and mental functions are seen. As in the treatment of any sexual problem, it is important that these treatments are done by a specialist, but in accordance with the necessary people, in order to avoid side effects.

Causes of Sexual Reluctance in Women

Sexual reluctance is the most common female sexual problem and often develops due to more than one reason. The important thing is that you do not ignore your problem by saying “Women have less desire” and you should definitely consult the Hattat Clinic experts.

There are dozens of factors that affect female sexual desire. Some of them are biological-physiological, some are psychological-emotional. Many women experience the interplay of all these mixed factors. In other words, we can say that female sexual desire is intensely affected by emotional and psychological factors as well as biology.

Hormone level, underlying diseases, medications used as well as emotional state, stress, relationship quality, familial problems, anxiety states, mood governs sexual desire in women. Various diseases (such as hormonal problems, gynecological infections, urinary incontinence, heart disease, diabetes) can both reduce the secretion of hormones and decrease sexual desire by creating fatigue, weakness and pain. The drugs used (such as antidepressants) can also reduce libido.

For example, a woman who enjoyed a relationship in her past life, had good sexual communication with her husband, and shared her sexual problems may remain enthusiastic during the menopause process. On the contrary, a young woman whose whole hormone balance works well in her body may experience reluctance.

We don’t just research biologically so that you can have a happy sex life. We consider the full and correct functioning of your hormone, vascular, nerve, muscle, connective tissue and immune system for the development of your sexual response. However, being aware that your relationship quality, family structure, socio-cultural and developmental factors also affect libido and other sexual functions as much as organic factors, we enable our team to evaluate both your biological potential and your psychological-emotional state.

We take into account your general health, medications, diet, activity level, body energy, and sleep to ensure your sexual happiness and a high libido level. We do not forget your hormones, vessels and nerves in the sexual area, muscle structure, skin tissue, and your immune system. We pay attention to your relationship quality with your spouse, emotional intimacy, and communication skills. We want you to bring to mind the stresses, worries and responsibilities that life puts on your shoulders.

How many hours do you spend in traffic? How much time do you devote to sexuality? We remind you of all the sexual messages you received while growing up, how you learned about sexuality, the urban legends you heard from your friends, your beliefs and sexual traumas, if any.

We place your spouse’s sexual problems, his sexual approach to you, and your preparation quality in the equation. Here, your sexual desire prescription, which includes some systemic and local drug therapies, antioxidants and nutritional supplements, special muscle work, sexual routine changes and sexual duties, that we have prepared for you, can only be fully understood after such an equation.

Finally, other sexual problems are also extremely effective on female desire. Problems such as arousal difficulty, painful intercourse, vaginismus are also common in women. In almost all of these problems, sexual satisfaction and pleasure decrease, so sexual abstinence, frigidity and loss of libido can be seen. While we are addressing your sexual aversion, we also review your other sexual functions. If this is the case and your desire has decreased due to another sexual problem, it increases your willingness to treat the underlying sexual problem. For example, when a woman with a contraction problem experiences painless sex, she also experiences a serious improvement in desire levels.

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