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breast augmentation by fat istanbul

The buttocks you were born with may or may not have the musculature or curves you desire. It may be difficult to improve upon certain areas with exercise alone, and in some cases, damage from an accident or certain health conditions may affect your appearance.

There are two primary augmentation options for increasing volume in the buttocks: fat transfer and implants. Fat transfer removes body fat from one region and re-injects it into the buttocks. This procedure is also called a Brazilian butt lift, but this name can be confused with similarly named exercise programs. Depending on the changes you desire and your available body fat, a fat transfer may be used alone or in conjunction with implants. Augmentation with implants, which will be covered in this animation, uses soft, solid silicone implants for an immediate and uniform increase in buttock volume. Unlike fat transfers, where survival of transferred fat varies and may require touchups, implants maintain their volume and don’t need follow up adjustments. Buttock, or gluteal, implants are designed to change your contours, enhancing your appearance and self-confidence.


Gluteal implants are frequently chosen to enhance the buttocks for the following reasons:

  • the buttocks are asymmetrical or appear unbalanced
  • weight loss, aging, or a health condition has made the buttocks appear flat or loose and sagging
  • the buttocks lack volume and appear too small for the body frame

Your physician will help you choose the style of implant and surgical technique that will best achieve the look you are after. It is important to keep in mind that implant options are limited by your anatomy. Depending on the tightness of muscle or tissue that will surround the implants, the shape and size you desire may need to be altered during the surgical procedure. Your physician will use the best option to achieve optimal results and facilitate proper healing.


Several surgical techniques may be used for gluteal implants depending on the desired position and appearance. The two techniques that generally produce the best results are the intramuscular and subfascial buttock augmentation procedures. Intramuscular augmentation involves creating a pocket within the large, gluteus maximus muscle. In contrast, the subfascial augmentation procedure creates a pocket under the fascia, which is a membrane of tissue that covers the top of the muscle. Using these techniques, the implant is protected by tissue under the skin or tissue and muscle fiber, producing a comfortable, naturallooking and visually pleasing result.


The procedure begins with an incision through the skin along a pre-marked line near your tailbone at the top of the intragluteal crease, which is the line that extends between the buttocks. Using an electrocautery device or scalpel, your physician carefully cuts horizontally beneath the skin layers to access the fascia above the gluteus maximus muscle on each side of the buttocks. As you learned earlier, there are different implant placement options available. This animation depicts intramuscular implant placement. Retractors hold back the skin while your physician carefully cuts through the fascia and proceeds to separate fibers of the gluteus maximus. A pocket is formed within the muscle that is slightly larger than the implant dimensions. Your physician may use an endoscope or fiberoptic retractor to check for complete dissection. A drain, which allows fluid to exit your body as you heal, is put in place and the pocket is cleansed.


Your physician will insert and carefully position a sterile implant, ensuring a tension-free fit inside the muscle. Once both implants are in place, your physician will verify that they look natural and symmetric. The openings to the pockets for each implant are sutured with dissolvable stitches. The openings used to access the sides of the buttocks under the skin are then sutured to the midline, and the incision in the intragluteal crease is closed. This incision may be sutured and/or sealed with adhesive. Finally, a bandage is taped after surgery to provide compression and support.


Your physician may request that you wear a compression garment for a couple of days to several weeks. This garment helps reduce swelling by preventing fluid build-up, while improving blood circulation and supporting the new contours of your buttocks as you heal. You will need to sleep on your stomach and should avoid sitting as much as possible for approximately two to four weeks. You can expect some temporary stiffness and swelling in the buttocks and nearby regions. You may also experience some minor pain that can be controlled with oral medications. Surgical drains will likely be removed in a few days to a week, while any non-dissolvable external sutures will stay in place for one to two weeks. While you may feel well enough to return to work and normal activities in two to four weeks after the procedure, you will need to avoid strenuous leg exercise for about a month and a half.


You will notice results from buttock implant procedures immediately. Swelling may cause the skin to appear shiny at first, but it will subside within a couple of weeks and skin around the implant will soften and will look even more natural. Your muscle movement should not be affected. The implants are placed so that they are unlikely to shift, and the tissues surrounding the implants will stretch to comfortably accommodate them over the following months. The scar is hidden where it is difficult to detect and will fade considerably over time, becoming almost imperceptible. With gluteal implants, you can achieve the buttocks shape, definition, and contours that you have always wanted.



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We provide our patients with the information and useful medical advice they need for treatment, and to make decisions in conducting the necessary operations, Whether it is surgery or non-surgical. our certified doctors are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients.. Read More

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