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Filling Material Applications

Magic Touches to your beauty with Filling Material application..

When it comes to aesthetics the first thing to come in mind is Filling Material. This application constitutes one of the most preferred techniques to those who want to get an aesthetic intervention. Due to wrinkles and various skin changes, brought to us with age or by various diseases, Filling Material treatment is a priority to those who want to obtain a youthful and tighter skin. In order to be an eligible patient you must not have any skin disease. Especially in case you are using any medicines that affect Filling Material you must absolutely give up on Filling Material.

Laser Epilation

Laser epilation works with the principle of selective fototermolisis. In laser epilation the damage is done to hair root by the energy that concentrated in hair root with sending a concentrate light over colorful hairs and thus hair is destroyed for long term. In laser epilation the permanent results can obtain in proper hairs.

Platelet Rich Plasma Applications (PRP)

What is PRP? Platelet Rich Plasma (enriched thrombosis plasma) shortly PRP is the name of application. The blood taken from one person is going through a special process and decomposes and enriched thrombosis plasma is obtained and injected to the same person for skin rejuvenation. Enriched Thrombosis Application (PRP) PRP application is very effective to heal scars, wrinkles, stains

Skin Care

All package of skin care procedures taking place in Estethica consist of licensed medicaments imported from Spain, suitable for medical application and focused on treatment results. App procedures are performed by experienced aestheticians under the warrantee of the medical establishment.

Classic Facial Care: Application special to every patient’s wish, starting with skin cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, blackhead removal, care mask application, face and eye surroundings serum application, continues with intense hydration to finish with a sun protection procedure.

Skin Rejuvenation with laser

Skin rejuvenation with laser is a method which is new and applied successfully in aesthetic dermatology. It is a process that is invasive and used for removal of age-associated marks in face, neck, breast and hands. It works with the principle of increasing derma collagen tissue productivity. ​ How does it make? For skin rejuvenation Er-YAG laser is used.

Tattoo Deleting With Laser

The laser beam used in order to destroy remove tattoos reach colour pigments inside the skin layers without damaging the upper skin texture. Tattoo colour pigment absorbs the laser light converts light energy into sound and light. The procedure consists of decomposing the large pieces of pigments inside the skin into small pieces without damaging the surrounding tissues thanks to the released concentrated laser energy. Body’s immune system absorbs and destroys decomposed tattoo pigments in an easier manner.

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Varicose Laser Treatment

Laser is a specific device specially developed to resolve problematic unwanted vessels from the skin surface. It represents the method which can provide a solution to your capillary vessel problem. Unlike other methods, Capillary Vain Laser Treatment is actually a revolutionary discovery providing a non-surgical solution for undesired varicose veins a way faster than other methods.



I contacted your company form y Fue hair transplatation surgery. Turkey Istanbul medical company looked after me very well.They were together with me from the beginning till the end of my hair surgery in Turkey. I highly advice your company to anyone who needs medical treatment.I would like to say special thank to Mr.Olgay..

Mohammed Harrawi

We did Filling Material surgery under your assistance service,My wife is very happy now.Operation become very succesfull elhamdülillah.Thank you

Saud al-Khalif

When i decided for medical treatment in turkey, i was seraching on internet which doctor or which clinic was the best and acceptable prices, i saw so many advertisement, i become confused which one to choose,but after i found for your heplful information i went with your advices and consultancy service.You chose for me the best clinic with competetive prices. Clinic and doctors were really 5 star hotel standart. I m very happy to be with you I hope your success will run forever

Nasser Alderazi

Thank you for your kind polite treatment with us during my laser hair transplantation in Turkey.

Ebrahim Saeed

I contacted for teeth implant in turkey and your advices about hospital were very trustful.And i found half price for implant surgery with your hospital comparsion to my country.. My Best Regards to all team special thanks to Mr Ulcay

Fahd Al-Jasser

When i contacted you from the first time , i felt that i m in the right trustful hands with your assistance.What can i say more ?Your advice ,your treatments ,your organisations from A to Z were supper.. Thank you so much and my greetings to Mr Ulcay

Nizar Rwaili

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