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1- Never close your nose and mouth while sneezing; your eyes may come off. 2- Human hip bone is made of concrete. 3- Humans are born with 300 bones; this number decreases to 206 when they become adults. 4- The number of bacteria in a person's mouth is equal to the number of people living in the world, even more ...
  1. Impulses are delivered to the brain at 400 kilometers per hour.

  2. 17 face muscles of smiling people and 43 face muscles of crying people work.

  3. As far as we know, there are four blood types. But there are actually 29 species. Japanese are also rarely seen in family members of a small group.

  4. There are 25 billion oxygen red blood circles in our bodies. If we spread them on a surface, it covers an area of ​​2570 square meters.

  5. Our heart normally beats 70-72 times per minute. According to this shot, the heart of a 70-year-old man has beaten 2500 million times and has pumped 167561600000 pounds of blood into our veins during this time.

  6. With a normal body temperature, the temperature of the hottest water a person can withstand is 110 ° C.

  7. Electricity in a normal human body can burn a 25 Watt lamp for minutes.

  8. There are 120 thousand blondes and 140 thousand hairs in brunettes. With each passing day, 25,000 hairs break from our heads and the same number of new ones are replaced.

  9. In a single minute, we breathe 1025 cm cubic air into the body.

  10. Are you a thyroid? : Extend your arms parallel to the floor as if reaching for something. Watch your hands. If your hands are shaking in this position, then you are at greater risk of becoming thyroid.

  11. Walk straight: Draw a line one meter long on the ground. If you can walk comfortably, the coordination of your body works well.

  12. Your birth weight: Ask your mother how much weight you were born. If you were born under 3 pounds, you may experience heart problems.

  13. Is your waist thick? : If your body shape is similar to apple, that is, if your fats are gathered around your waist, you are more at risk of having heart problems.

  14. Toilet frequency: Do you feel the need to go to the toilet more than once every 3 hours? One of the earliest alarms in diabetes is to go to the toilet frequently.

  15. Pulse control: The slower your pulse is, the longer you will live. So if your pulse is below 70, it means you are healthy.

  16. In the 20th day, our blood goes 19,312 kilometers.

  17. Don’t you have time for coffee in the morning? You can try chewing gum to revive. Research at the University of Coventry shows that mint gum reduces fatigue. Another study proves that the chewing gum chewers develop 35 percent of their memory.

  18. Few people are considering washing their hands after using ATM machines. However, research in the UK on cleaning shows that ATMs are as dirty as public toilets. Experts compared samples taken from ATM keys and public toilets, and the samples from both sides proved to be the same sex-causing bacteria.

  19. Japanese scientists at Nara Medical University had been watching the sleep process of more than 860 elderly people who had no history of depression at first, and learned that those who did not sleep in complete darkness had anxiety and stress over time.

  20. The human eye can distinguish 10 million different colors, but our brain cannot remember them all.

  21. Percentage of the fastest growing hairs in the body. The hairs on the face of men can grow about 0.4 millimeters per day.

  22. Research has shown that adrenaline during a heartbreaking event puts people in pain, which is nine times more common in women than in men.

  23. Women’s heart beats faster than men’s. Women’s heart beats 10 times more than men’s per minute.

  24. It is often mentioned how harmful caffeine is to health. However, Harvard School of Public Health found that women could reduce the risk of depression by 20 percent by drinking four cups of caffeinated coffee per day.

  25. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues show that one-hour sleep brings more happiness than even news of a raise.

  26. If your soft and brittle nails do not have whiteness at the base of your nails, your thyroid is overactive.



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